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How to Pitch to Sponsors for Your Podcast

How to Pitch to Sponsors for Your Podcast

Podcasting is a great technology that anybody can take part in. It is a great way to express your ideas and make money. The best thing about podcasting is earning money by talking about your favorite topics. There are several ways to earn money through this technology, and getting sponsorship is one.


Collaborating with other companies help you in several ways. For instance, expanding your network, getting more exposure and building up your trust among the market. However, pitching to a sponsor might be a little overwhelming. So, we have mentioned some of the great ways you can use to pitch to sponsors, which are as follows:


How to Pitch to Sponsors for Your Podcast


Research about the Company

It is so important to do research about the company. This will tell you if they are appropriate for your show or not. The ads you share through your show must align with the needs of your audience. To do this, you must build a connection with them to be familiar with what they want. Opting for sponsors that do not relate to your niche might lead your audience to lose interest in your show. By working with the people of your field, you are more likely to build trust among the audience.


Send Valuable Proposal

A good proposal works like magic while pitching for a sponsor. To write a winning bid, you will have to stand out from the competition. You can do so by offering something unique that will benefit their company. Here is how you can write a valuable proposal:



Your email is more likely to be read by them if you use an attractive and exciting title. So it is essential to think carefully while selecting the title for your email.


Tell them Who You Are

It is important to tell them elaborately who you are and other details about your show that include:

  • Write about what your show will be about
  • What will be the length of each episode
  • The topic you will talk about
  • What format your show follows
  • Who will be your guests
  • Detail about your team members


Your Audience

You need to mention the following factors in this category:

  • Talk about who are your listeners
  • The demographic
  • Your analytics
  • Reviews from your loyal audience


Talk about Your Benefits

Tell them elaborately what benefits you want them to provide you. For instance, it could be monetary or any other.


Call to Action

Providing a call to action at the end is also essential. For that, you will need to provide your contact number or link to your website.

Provide Them Benefits

Brands tend to sponsor you when they see their benefits. So it is essential to explain elaborately why they should collaborate with you and how it will work in their favor. To find a sponsor, you do not necessarily need a wider audience as long as you have engaged and loyal listeners; companies will happily collaborate with you. That is because they understand the power of a highly involved audience.


Things You Need to Focus on Before Pitching

Following are some of the factors to ensure before you go out to look for sponsors:


You have Quality Content

Everybody believes in quality content, be it your audience or sponsors. When you pitch to a sponsor, the company tends to focus on the engagement of your listeners rather than the number of downloads to collaborate with you. You can show them the reviews from your listeners to make them believe in your content.



It is so essential to display honest analytics to attract sponsors. Some companies use premium tools to confirm the analytics. If they find out that your analytics are not accurate, it will affect your reputation in the long run.

Clear Understanding of the Process

You must have a clear understanding of how the sponsorship works. You might have to stick to specific rules set by the company. It might be a little overwhelming for you if you are not aware of such details already.

Additionally, you can set your rates appropriately when you know the process.

Pros and Cons of Podcast Sponsorship

Here are following some of the pros and cons of sponsorship:




Opting for sponsors for your podcast will help you monetize your show. It is one of the ways you can start earning out of your channel.


Win-Win Situation for Both Parties

Sponsorships work in favor of you and the sponsors. It increases the credibility of both parties.



Enhanced profit is one of the benefits you get by pitching to sponsors. When the audience reaches out to brands through your podcast, their brand engagement increases which causes an increase in your profit.


Great Networking Opportunities

By collaborating with big companies, you can also expand your network.



Following are some of the disadvantages of pitching to sponsors:



When a company pays you, it wants you to stick to its principles. It might lead you to compromise on your creativity. You will have to record the episode even if you do not want to do it at the moment.


Decrease in Audience

Some people get irritated by the ads between episodes. This might lead them to stop watching your show.


Additional Work

You will have to perform some extra work to approach companies. For instance, composing engaging proposals and emails require time and effort.


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