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How To Promote Your Podcast On Instagram

How To Promote Your Podcast On Instagram

Social media has great potential when it comes to marketing your brand to build an engaged audience. You can use several platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to market your content. People tend to promote their content on Instagram because it is one of the most widely used platforms. According to a study, 1.9 billion users remain active on this platform on a daily basis. Therefore, promoting your podcasts on Instagram can take your stats to a greater level.

We understand that growing your podcast on such platforms can be a little overwhelming. That is why we have done the hard work for you and mentioned some of the tips you can use to promote your podcast on Instagram.


Instagram Reels

Instagram reels are the best way to promote your podcast. According to research, average people tend to spend more than fourteen hours creating a reel. They consider spending this much time on creating a small video worth it because it gives huge results. The current Instagram algorithm draws the same reels to each other based on what your audience is already consuming. Thus, if they watch the content related to the same niche as you, they will find you in their feed.

So uploading snippets of your podcast in the form of small Instagram reels will help you promote your episodes and bring amazing results.


Employ Instagram Guides

Many people are not aware of this strategy to promote their content. It is one of the amazing tricks that you can employ. You can provide a guide about anything that people could use. For instance, if you run an interview podcast and you invite motivational speakers, putting small parts into a guide that people can use to stay motivated will be a great idea.

Automated Messages

The automated Instagram message is another great feature that you can use to make people feel connected to you at a personal level. Plus it is a great way to tell them what they can expect from your channel. As per the human psyche, the audience needs to listen to a message at least seven times. Thus, you can mention your message in your Instagram bio, DMS or stories. This way, your audience gets more engaged and connected with you and tends to move to your podcast channel.

Instagram Stories

Instagram stories can also work like a charm for the promotion of your podcast. Here are some of the ways to use stories to promote your content:

  • Spotify allows you to share the link of your episode directly on Instagram stories.
  • You can also use audiograms which is an animated images with a sound from your podcast. You can upload the most interesting part from the episode to grab people’s attention. Also, this is a great way to increase their curiosity.
  • Your loyal audience tends to share your stories on their accounts. So, reposting them makes your audience feel valued and they remain engaged.
  • The countdown sticker feature is another way to increase curiosity in your audience about your upcoming episodes. It not only builds a sense of excitement but also works as a reminder.
  • The highlight section is another outstanding feature on your profile where you can save your episodes for your audience. So that they can go and watch them whenever they want.

Introduce the Upcoming Guest

Introducing your guest on Instagram helps your audience arouse their interest in the guest. You can also attract your guest’s audience by tagging them. In return when they share the same post on their stories, it attracts their followers to watch their favorite person on a podcast. This helps you a lot in enhancing your audience.

Strategies to Manage your Instagram Profile

Here are some of the tips and tricks that you can use to manage your Instagram account:


Interact as Much as Possible

Every social media algorithm demands your active presence to increase your reach. Most people tend to employ different tools to post their content on Instagram without putting any effort into themselves. That’s where they lose the thread. Automatic tools used to work in the past and now they have lost their worth. In the current times, the algorithm works in your favor only when you spend at least 2 hours before and after posting the content. That is an ideal way to work according to the algorithm and keep your audience engaged. So make sure to respond to comments and direct messages.


Engage with People on their Pages

Interacting with people on your page only is not enough. If you want your other fellow content creators to promote your content, you will have to go to their pages and engage with them. That’s how marketing works sometimes, especially in the case of podcasts. So engaging in a more community-like fashion can help you promote your content more efficiently. That eventually will lead to people discovering you and wanting to invest their time in consuming your content


Connect with the Audience

People tend to watch your podcast because they feel connected to you. If you want to promote your content on Instagram, you will have to introduce yourself at a deeper level as a host. Plus, people also like watching behind the scenes of every episode. So upload them on your Instagram account and let them see what more of you will make people connect with you at a deeper level. This way they tend to support you in whatever you are doing.


Bottom Line

Marketing and promoting your content is not an easy task. Especially when you are just starting out. To promote your podcast on Instagram, you need to have an Instagram strategy, instead of just a platform to remind people about your upcoming episode. You can get amazing tips to run your podcast by following an expert. Lamar G Channel is an amazing platform where you can find podcasts on several topics. Our podcasts not only provide you an opportunity to listen to outstanding stories but also learn several strategies that you can use to run your own business. We talk about trending topics that give you a deeper insight into the latest happenings. Plus, you get to listen to knowledgeable and well-informed people and broaden your horizon.

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