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Using Facebook Groups To Build A Podcast Community

Using Facebook Groups To Build A Podcast Community

Facebook is a great platform to build a podcast community. More than 170 million people have joined thousands of podcast pages. Additionally, more than 35 million people are members of podcast fan groups. Promoting your podcast on social media platforms and growing your audience is not a difficult task. All you need is the right strategy. In this article, we will be discussing how you can use Facebook groups to build a podcast community and why is it important for your business:


How to Build Podcast Community Through Facebook Group

Following are some of the ways to grow your audience through Facebook Groups:


Discuss Things with the Members

To grow your community faster on any platform, you have to stay in touch with your audience. When you connect to the people in your Facebook group by uploading posts, replying to comments, and answering the questions, your posts tend to appear in the newsfeed repeatedly. To ensure that more people are engaged, you should post content when the maximum number of members are active. This way, more people are likely to participate in the discussions, and the chance of getting organic reach increases.


Create Closed Groups

Many Facebook groups are seen to be private. The reason for that is that only relevant people tend to join your group. It is a great way to build up a community that is interested in your content for real. Additionally, when relevant people are part of the group, they maintain the discussion quality.


Group Optimization

The more visible your group is, the more people are likely to join it. That is why it is important to do keyword research before filling out your group information or description. This way, your groups will tend to appear in search results and get more exposure.

To get the maximum benefits from this tip, you can upload an attractive display picture and cover photo.

Here are some of the tips you can employ to optimize your Facebook group:

  • Be transparent about what the group is about and then post stuff related to that.
  • Come up with a concise yet valuable description
  • Use tags related to your niche
  • Personalize your URL link
  • Connect the Facebook group with the business page

Promote your Group

Promoting your Facebook group should be your next goal after its creation. It is the only way to build up your podcast community in a shorter time. There are many ways you can promote your Facebook group. Some of which are as follows:

  • Pin the group link to the Facebook page
  • Mention it in your podcast
  • Clip your group to your other social media accounts
  • Post infographic with the group link mentioned on it on Pinterest
  • Create a blog post about the Facebook Group
  • Send Emails with the links
  • Ask others to mention your groups on their platforms
  • Mention it in pop up bars


Value the Group Members

Your group members are your biggest asset because they are the ones who help you grow. It is important to make them feel valued. You can do so by getting their opinion about your podcast, creating content according to their desires, and allowing them to discuss matters of their choice.

Welcoming new members is also important. This way, they can open up and participate in discussions quickly as they feel included. Sending personalized messages is also a great way to do so. It is more likely to grow with time if you provide value to your audience.


Why Facebook is Important for Podcast

Here are some of the reasons how Facebook can help you build community:


Increased Engagement

Engaging with your audience is so important. That way, you can answer their queries, clear their doubts, share your thoughts and get reviews. However, it is impossible to connect with your audience directly when you run a podcast. That’s when Facebook groups play an important role. There are several ways to engage with your audience on Facebook. These include live sessions, question posts, or creating audio posts. This way, people get a deeper insight into your content.


The audience is Updated on Time

Another benefit of the Facebook group is that its members get notifications whenever you upload something. This is a way to keep your audience updated whenever you upload a new episode. There are several ways you can notify people about your future content. One of them is to upload teasers or little video snippets of the upcoming episode. You can also share the meetups and podcast-related events.


Organic Approach

Facebook groups allow you to reach your audience organically. According to the Facebook algorithm, group posts have more visibility and tend to appear in the newsfeed than page posts. So, there are more chances that you will approach greater audiences organically through your podcast group.


Relevant Audience

Finding the relevant audience is so important to increase engagement on your content. People tend to join only those groups which interest them. So, only those people who are actually interested in consuming your content will join your group. They tend to like, comment, and share your posts which helps you increase your exposure.

Why is it Important to Build a Podcast Community?

Building a podcast community is as important as marketing for any other business. There are several benefits of building a community around your podcast. These include building loyalty, increasing retention, and making your audience part of a program they love.

People are more likely to come back to your podcast channel if they are a part of a community you created for them. Additionally, it is a great way to increase content exposure as people tend to share it on their timelines or provide word of mouth to their friends, which is the greatest way of building trust.


Bottom Line

Facebook groups are often not given as much importance as other ways to build up the communities. However, once you start using the right tactic to use these groups to boost your audience, your perspective will be changed forever. All you need is to engage with the members, promote the group, and make the audience feel valued. If you like to learn more about podcasting visit Lamar G Channel. We keep you informed.

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