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Our channel plunges deep into the latest tech topics that have captured our imagination.


Having great leadership, innovative and real-world impact will put you ahead of your competition.


Offering investment solutions to investors seeking long-term growth in the markets.

Stories About Lamar G Channel

Everyone loves a good story; whether it be by movie, book, or by podcast. Our channel will give you stories that you can enjoy while driving, working out, or relaxing at home. We give you all of our favorite stories for your watching and listening enjoyment!


World Wide Viewers

People are tuning in from all over the world to see what’s happening on the channel. Don’t miss out on our up and coming episodes. 


Trending Topics

Keep you up-to-date on the trends happening in todays market. Providing you with a wealth of data, so you can make intelligent decision.

Best Podcast Stories

Business Success Story

We all have a story to tell that can impact someone’s life. Enjoy this episode about building a business from the ground up.

Investment Success Story

Successful investing takes time, discipline, and patience. Enjoy this episode about investing into stocks and real estate.

Latest Podcasts

What is the lamar g channel?

On the Lamar G Channel, we give you the amazing discussions on tech, real estate, business, and pop culture. Knowing about the current technology that are taking over the world, know what’s the latest business strategies will get you ahead of the game. We also have discussions about what’s happening in real estate and how to get passive income. Enjoy our invited guest that specialize in all these areas and get amazing advice about their field of specialty.


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