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How to Start a Podcast on YouTube and Grow Your Audience

How to Start a Podcast on YouTube and Grow Your Audience

The podcast is a great way to share your views and knowledge with the world. As a podcaster, our goal is to reach as many audiences as possible. For that, we tend to upload our episodes on several platforms that include Spotify, Google podcast, and many others. Although the podcast is supposed to be audio content, people have started getting the audience on their show by uploading it on YouTube.

YouTube is one of the most renowned platforms, and people believe that YouTube creators are turning the site into a podcast network. According to recent research of Canadian adults, forty-three percent of the creators have joined YouTube for their podcast since last year. The reason for that is that almost two billion people use YouTube. Your existence on such a vast platform might help you reach your targeted audience. This article will discuss how you can start your show on YouTube and grow your audience. Down below are some of the ways to start your show on YouTube.


Record your Episode

Podcasts are indeed supposed to be in audio form. However, now people have started recording the video version of their podcasts so that they can approach more audiences and share their views with them. Some people believe that uploading your audio with a still image on the screen is one of the ways to upload your podcast on YouTube. But, that is not a good idea to attract the audience as it fails to engage them. So, it is essential to put a little extra effort and record the video version of the episode.


Build Your Media Hosting and Podcast Feed

You might wonder if you upload your video podcast on YouTube, will it not just be your YouTube channel. The answer is yes; it will be called your YouTube channel and not a podcast. So, to start your show on YouTube, you need to build media hosting and podcast feed. After doing it, you record the episode and submit it to podcast directories such as Spotify, iTunes, and Google podcasts. Uploading it on YouTube will be the next step. This way, you can grow your audience in the fastest way.


Choose from Different Video Options

There are several ways to upload a podcast episode on YouTube. These include uploading the complete episode, live streaming, and micro-content. You have the liberty to choose which way you want to upload your episode.

Uploading a complete episode is the easiest way to upload the podcast. However, it might not show you effective results for the following reasons:

  • People might get bored if such a lengthy episode
  • Selecting the name that can resonate with the whole episode might be challenging

Live streaming is another way to run the podcast on YouTube. However, this method works only when you have experience in the field.

Uploading micro-content is the recommended way to upload your show. Here are some of the following benefits you can enjoy from it.

  • You can perform better content optimization because you can choose the exact keywords that will rank you
  • More videos mean an increased number of downloads, leading you to earn more sponsored revenue.
  • People will more likely try to find you on other podcast feeds.

This method also comes with some challenges, which include:

  • You might put a little extra effort to edit the videos
  • Finding the keywords for every video might be difficult
  • You will require more uploading time

Reach out to Other YouTubers

Working with a team always works in your favor. When you start your digital business, it is crucial to reach out to people who work in the same niche as you. This is a great way to learn factors such as stats, demographics, etc., and thrive in your business.

People think collaborating with more prominent names is the only way to grow your channel. However, it is only a myth. Working with people who have a smaller yet loyal audience can take you a long way when you are just starting.



Timestamps are essential to keep your audience engaged and increase your watch time. This gives them an overview of the whole episode, and they can quickly jump to the part they are interested in. However, if they do not know what topics you talked about in the episode, it might be challenging to build their interest in it.


Reasons you Should Join YouTube for Podcasting

There are following some of the reasons you should start uploading your podcasts on YouTube:


Sense of Legitimacy

The more you expand your network, the more people will tend to put their trust in you. Big names are likely to collaborate with you when you reach a particular audience.


More Revenue

As YouTube can give you a vast number of views, you are more likely to get more downloads, resulting in an enhanced profit.


YouTube Advertising

YouTube advertisements are one of the ways to earn money. Other platforms require a high fan following to provide you with sponsorship. However, you do not have to have a big audience to earn revenue through YouTube advertisements.


Advertising your Content is Easy

The “YouTube story” feature has become even easier to advertise your content. You can share small snippets of the exciting parts of your episode and attract more people.


In Conclusion 

The Lamar G Channel is a great podcast. Because of our high-level expertise in what we do, we know the trendy topics and what people want to listen to. We tend to build an emotional and mental connection with our audience. You can cherish our podcasts on various topics whenever you want and wherever you want. This way, you can enhance your knowledge and get ideas about how to create compelling and engaging content for your show. Our mission is to provide our listeners with stories and strategies that will bring a significant and positive impact on people’s lives and also help them get more ideas about their business.

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