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Best Link Bait that Gets you More Email Subscribers

Best Link Bait that Gets you More Email Subscribers

Link building is a bit challenging process, as sometimes no matter how much you spend, you might not get enough of the backlinks. However, there is a solution to make good use of your resources if you create posts that might make you win link baits. Link baits are the content that is specifically formulated to build links. It is about creating such content that could inspire other writers to mention your links on their sites. Here we have provided you with a list of factors you can do to create valuable content that could help you build link baits and grow your email subscribers for your podcast channel or others.

List Posts

Everybody looks for ease while performing any task, the same is the case with reading blog posts. Nobody likes reading long paragraphs or random clutter of words, so it is important to write content systematically. A listicle makes a post easy to read and comprehensible. Such types of posts are more likely to become bait links on other websites. Creating long lists can help your content become more attractive, as it is likely to cover a lot more information than shorter lists.


Upload Quality Content

Creating content that addresses the problem of your reader is more likely to become link bait. It is important that you have a certain goal in mind and try to achieve that goal within the limited words. Quality content is more than just getting the right format, high readability score, and grammatical perfection. It is also about engaging the reader, solving their problems, and driving traffic. Before writing your content, it is important to keep the following factors in mind:

  • How is it going to interest my audience?
  • In what ways is it going to help them

You will have to go the extra mile to add value to the content. For instance, conducting research on what your target audience might be looking for and what kind of content will excite them the most. In the end, look for ways to approach them effectively.


Add Visuals

Doesn’t matter how good of a writer you are, you always need visuals to make your words meaningful and more fascinating. Most people are more likely to thumb through the articles instead of reading the whole thing, that’s when visuals help them comprehend the content in a shorter time, as they break down the written part. According to a survey, almost 3 billion pictures are shared per day. So adding images in your content is more likely to get shared and appreciated by the audience. Marketers who use visual content to market their products get a lot more revenue than those who do not employ them.

Applied research, statistics, and quality content to your link bait.

Stats or Research

People are more interested in knowing the facts and figures rather than just reading about our opinions and thoughts. Providing numbers and references to the recent research is the key to making quality content as they make your content seem well-researched. Good stats inspire people to keep reading your content. Plus, people trust numbers, so your content is more likely to be shared by other writers.

There are following some ways to add stats in your articles:

  • Narrate them in the introduction. You can also add an outbound link to make it seem even more trustworthy.
  • You can also make graphs and charts to mention numbers as they will make a great infographic.
  • Employ them as a pull-out design feature. They help you break your content systematically.


Add Videos

It is easier for some people to just watch a video rather than read a blog post. It helps them understand your thoughts more properly and relate to you. There are following some of the ideas for making video content:

  • Small tutorials
  • Sit and share your opinion in the video
  • Online Interviews
  • Podcasts

To make your video content successful, you will need to consider some factors. For instance, inviting well-known people for interviews, or hiring a good speaker as a host. Popular platforms including YouTube or Vimeo allow you to share your podcast link baits and link of other videos on several platforms. So, your videos can also get backlinks.

Provide New and Relevant Information

You are more likely to become popular among the people who work in the same niche as you. Every new content you upload must be relevant to your particular niche. Additionally, it is important that you talk about trending topics so that people have a reason to share your links in their articles. The chances of you getting the bait link increase when you are one of the few early people who report the information.

Benefits of Link Baits

Following are some of the perks you can enjoy by building link bait content:


High Traffic

You cannot get link baits if your content does not carry the required value. When people mention your links on their websites, it wins the confidence of your readers. It leads to high traffic on your website.



Link baits can create a number of backlinks for the future as well. It helps you gain more exposure to other websites as more people are likely to find out about your content. So, link baits help you get long-term benefits.


High Ranking On Google

As link bait content is high in quality so they naturally make an appearance on other websites. So, Google prefers backlinks that are aroused by the link bait content. It helps you to get a high ranking on Google.


Brand Authority

Creating bait link content translates to building your brand authority in the market. People naturally share content that holds great value. With more people connecting to your work, your brand is more likely to become popular among a big audience.


Bottom Line

Bait links are, without any doubt, the best way to create backlinks. All you need to do is to make high-quality content that could address the issues your audience might experience. Your work does not end after publishing your content. You still have to make some efforts to make it popular among the people. For instance, sharing the content on social media so that the content could get exposure and you can gain stable traffic on your site. If you like to learn more about bait link visit my site at Lamar G Channel.

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