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How to Get More Valuable Traffic to your Podcast Channel

How to Get More Valuable Traffic to your Podcast Channel

All the efforts that you put into creating online content bear fruit only when they are consumed by a significant number of people. Especially when you are doing it to earn an income, it is important that your site can get maximum traffic so that you can earn a suitable profit out of it. Marketing your content and achieving traffic on your content could be a bit challenging. So here we have provided podcast marketing tips that you can employ to gain more traffic for your podcast.

Ways to Grow your Podcast

Following are some of the ways that you can use to get valuable traffic to your channel:

Employ the Power of Social Media

Social media has prevailed in our lives. 7.8 billion is the total population around the globe, out of which 4.54 billion people use social media. Sharing your podcast on social media will help you gain more traffic on your channel. There are several ways you can promote your content. Try to build connections with influencers who can share your podcast link on their page. Additionally, you can increase your engagement with your current audience on social media by conducting live sessions and talking about your channel. People love watching the process you went through while recording the podcast, so sharing behind-the-scenes might increase the engagement. If you give exactly what your audience demands, there are chances that they will also share your content with their network which will help you a lot in boosting up your traffic.

Link Building

Link building works like an enchantment in helping you grow traffic on your website. Backlinks are one of the factors that Google considers when ranking your site. Link building helps you to appear in top search results. The more your podcast appears in the search results, the more people are likely to click on it.

Guest Podcasting

When you appear as a guest on other people’s podcasts, you are more likely to be known by the people. It allows you to get in touch with the potential audience on other websites. To make a guest appearance on other podcasts you can contact other podcasters and build up relationships so that you can get exposure and be invited by them. One factor that needs to be considered is that you should target those podcasters who work in the same niche as you so that you can have quality content when you make your appearance in their podcast.

Putting out good content will get you more visitors to your site

Share Teasers

Another thing you can do to attract more people to your podcast is share a teaser of the upcoming episode. When you share the most interesting part of the episode, people tend to be more curious to watch the episode. You can also make written posts about what the episode is going to be about, this gives them an insight into what they will be consuming.

Write the Best Description

Wherever you share the link to your podcast, you must write an attractive description according to your genre. A convincing description can make people click on the link that you provided for the podcast video.

Create Podcast Website

Creating a podcast website is important to increase views on your video. When you create a website, people are more likely to remember your content and stay updated by subscribing to your videos. If you do not dedicate a website to your podcast, people will pass on the next page and are likely to forget about your channel. Your website acts like a sales funnel, where there are chances that they will click the subscribe button and consume your content more often. Lamar G Channel can help you make an amazing website in a minute.

Repurposing Content

Repurposing your content always do wonders to increase the traffic on your channel. As written content is more likely to appear in the search result, presenting your podcast in the written form will help you get appeared in the search results

. It will not only increase the traffic but also motivate people to spend time on the website. Another smart thing to do will be to share small snippets from your videos that are funny or interesting and could motivate people to click on the link to watch the full episode.

Marketing Mistakes People Make that Makes them Lose Traffic


Targeting Wrong Audience

Choosing the right place plays a significant role in marketing your content in the right way. People often spend many dollars on advertisements but still fail to gain the required traffic just because they do not target the right audience. For instance, if your podcast is about a business topic and you try to market it on platforms that are meant to be for entertainment purposes, there will be the least chances for you to attract people.


Consistency is the key to gaining views on your content. Many people do not succeed because they are inconsistent with uploading the content. By uploading on regular basis you are able to engage your audience in a better way. Plus, it helps you to get timely feedback which you can use to bring improvement in your next episodes.

Posting at Random Times

You should fix the time when you upload the podcast. Try to figure out which time your audience is active on social media. Another smart thing to do is to create a poll on social media to get your audience’s opinion when you should post. That will help you increase immediate engagement on your podcast.

Bottom Line

Bringing valuable traffic to your site is not as challenging as it might seem. All you have to do is to be a little planning about how you are going to make things work. Creating your website, increasing your social media connections, improving your SEO, and creating valuable content are going to help you increase your number of audience. Another factor to consider is that as the podcast is about the audio content, make sure that your voice is of high quality without any external distortion. Last but not the least, upload the content consistently and you are good to go.

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