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Podcast Topics Your Audience Will Love

Podcast Topics Your Audience Will Love

A podcast is a medium that people enjoy while doing other tasks. According to research, 94% of podcast listeners listen to while performing other activities. It works as a background to make the main activity fun. Therefore it is essential to go for the topics that could interest the audience. It might be a little overwhelming to choose which topic will engage them. So we have done the hard work for you and created a list of podcast topics that your audience will love. Read on!


Topics for Solo Podcasts

In solo podcasts, only one person is in the hold of the whole conversation. The host tends to talk about the topics they are interested in and can speak expertly. This type of podcast does not need to be as long as other podcasts because only one person is speaking. In the solo podcasts, you can talk about different topics related to ourselves. Your audience follows you because they like you. So, they will want to know about your life stories. So here is a list of the topics that you can choose for your solo podcast episodes:


  • Strengths and Weakness
  • How did you overcome your fears (it might help many people with the same fears)
  • Your success story (even if it’s a small success)
  • How you started your business (talk about your whole journey)
  • How do you achieve small goals?
  • Books Reviews (your recent study)
  • Movie Reviews
  • Your lifestyle.
  • Your workout routine.
  • Your recipes (if you like to cook)



People love to listen to famous people. You can invite people belonging to several niches can also make your podcast enjoyable. For instance, you can call celebrities, entrepreneurs, scientists, writers, singers, or actors and ask about their journey and other questions related to their field. This way diversity of people can enjoy your podcast and learn from them. Plus, people come across several opinions, expert advice, and stories.

Also, it works in your favor because it takes a lot of pressure off you about bringing variety to your show.

Educational Topics

Educational topics are also a huge draw to new listeners. These podcasts are a huge opportunity for teachers and students to teach and learn respectively. It is a fun way to educate people outside the traditional classroom.

According to research, students tend to lose their attention while reading or watching any educational documentary. The reason for that is that they require students’ full attention. While in the case of podcasts, they could learn while being involved in other fun activities. Here are some of the educational topics that you can discuss in your show:  



History podcasts stand on the top of the list on iTunes. You can tell people about past events and personalities. Such content is fun to learn about historical events and educate themselves.



These days, several people want to start their own business, but they do not know where to start. You can research innovative business ideas and share them with your audience. Business topics include financing, investing, and marketing.



Fashion is another topic that attracts many people. On fashion podcasts, you can educate people about the latest fashion trends also how entrepreneurs can attend events and online conferences to get sponsors.



You can invite different career counselors and help people choose their careers wisely.


Science and Technology

In the age of technology, everyone wants to have know-how about technology. Learning technology can be a beginning for people to start their businesses. For instance, you can talk about videography, photography, gaming, and podcasting.


Social Media

You can attract several people by talking about social media. You can invite social media experts to educate people on how to use social media to expand their network or start their own business.


Home Improvements

If you are an interior design expert, it can make a perfect niche for your podcast. It will attract the audience and get sponsorship for home improvement stores.



Co-hosted shows are so fun. In such podcasts, you do not need to prepare a script or put in a lot. Two hosts can talk about random stuff and entertain people.


How to Find the Best Podcast Topic

Finding a topic for your podcast is not always easy. You need to put effort into which topics will work the best for you. Here are a few tips that you can use to find the topics that your audience will love.


Have a Clear Goal

It is so essential to have a specific goal before starting your podcast. It gives you a clear vision of what you want to achieve and invest your time and resources the right way. Following are some of the reasons you might want to start your show:

  • Being an enthusiast about a particular topic and making people aware of it.
  • You might want to generate leads and get more exposure to your business.
  • Educating others about a particular topic by inviting people belonging to several niches.
  • Sharing your expertise and knowledge.
  • Expanding your network.
  • Interviewing famous people

Have a Checklist of Your Expertise

Before looking for a perfect topic for your podcast, you need to know the expertise that makes you stand out from others. When you know your talents, experiences, and enthusiasm, you can easily convince others why they should consume your content. It will also help you find topics that you can talk about for hours.

Do not Forget Monetization Factor

It is essential to consider if your podcast will be able to monetize in the future or not. You will want to earn something in return for all the effort you put into creating an episode. It will help you to pay for the costs of hosting and post-production. Plus, it can be a source of your passive or full-time income.

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