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How To Invite Someone To An Interview On Your Podcast

How To Invite Someone To An Interview On Your Podcast

Interview podcasts are so popular these days. It is a great way to create valuable content for your audience. Not only that, but you can also use it for promoting your business as well. However, finding a guest for the interview is not an easy task. You need to put a lot of hard work into finding the appropriate guest for your show. In this article, we have provided you with some tips about how you can find a valuable person for your show.

Conduct a Research

Doing research must be the first step when inviting a guest. You need to research once before connecting with them and, secondly when they accept your invitation. You should go through their social media accounts, read about them on the internet, skim through their blogs if they have any. You need to do this to know about their perception. This can help you come up with a topic that is related to their niche.

Send an appropriate invitation

One of the best ways to invite a guest to your podcast is to send them a proper invitation. Now the question arises of what a proper invitation looks like. Well! A suitable invitation includes every detail. You need to add the following details in your email:

  • Proper introduction
  • What is your show about?
  • What topics will you want your guest to talk about?
  • Why do you want them to be a part of your show?
  • What is your audience?

These are the major questions that come to mind when you send the invite mail. If you fail to address these questions in your invitation, it might lead your guest to not take your email seriously.

Sound Professional

A professional email does not include grammar or spelling mistakes. Your email is your first impression. So it should be transparent and accurate. If you struggle with writing emails, opting for a professional writer will be a smart idea. If you write your emails yourself, make sure to write in a professional tone. Additionally, it must be concise and to the point.

Do not forget to provide a call to action at the end of the email. You can just provide a link to your website for the guest to approach you easily and get to know about your show.

Tell them what medium you will be using

When somebody gets invited for a podcast, they think about an audio show. They might not be camera-ready if they are not informed beforehand. Therefore, when you call someone on the show, you must tell them what medium you will be using. If you want to record a video podcast, informing the guest beforehand will feel more comfortable.

If you want to conduct an online interview, choose a medium they are comfortable with. Ask them which app they can use easily, for instance, zoom, skype or teams etc.

Employ Online Calendar

When you run a podcast, you might have to connect with people from all over the world. You might have to make an extra effort to estimate the correct time. Having an online calendar can save you and your guest from struggling with arranging a date to connect.

Discuss the Topic Beforehand

Discussing things beforehand will certainly make your episode successful. Your guest doesn’t need to answer every question you have prepared for them. So connecting with your guest and talking about the topic can give you a clear idea of what questions you should ask them and how.

Make Things Easier for the Potential Guest

You should not put your guests in a situation where they must make an effort to be on your show. 

For instance, do not ask them to download any app, fill out a form, or watch a video. Asking them to do all these things can be offensive, and they might refuse to appear in your show. Additionally, your reputation might also get affected by it.

How to Shortlist Valuable Guests

Finding a guest who could add value to your show is not an easy task. This is how you can find a guest for your show:

Connect with Podcasters who works in the same niche as you

Podcasters who cover the same niche as you in their podcasts can make an amazing guest appearance on your show. This will lead your podcast to grow, as the double audience will be watching that episode.

Research famous bloggers and YouTubers

YouTubers or bloggers who produce valuable content, even if they do not have a big audience, can prove to be amazing guests for your podcast. You can connect with them and talk about their niche. It will be a win-win situation for both of you as you will get exposure.

Employ Traditional Media

You can connect with people in person. For instance, people who work in media, including newspapers, magazines, radio, and television, can participate in your program. Such people can prove to be so valuable as they are already familiar with the process of giving interviews.

Offline Networking

Offline networking also plays a great role in finding you a guest. For instance, you can tell people about your show at a coffee shop or in a mall while shopping or ask your friends to discuss it with their circle. This way, people get to know about your show, and there are chances that you find your guest from there.

Ask you Audience

Taking your audience’s opinion is always a great idea. This way, you can invite someone your audience is excited about and increase engagement.

Bottom Line

Networking, social media platforms, your audience and research help you find a perfect guest for your podcast. There are many websites that can also help you find guests for your podcast and grow your business. Lamar G Channel is a great website where you can learn so much. Experts on our business can help you learn the best business strategies.  You can also get amazing tips and tricks on how you can stand out in the market. You can meet amazing guests on the Lamar G podcast channel. Our show will give you an ocean of knowledge about different topics and an idea about how you can conduct interviews on your channel. We welcome you to make a guest appearance on our show if you want more exposure.

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