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How to Get Podcast Sponsors That Your Audience Won’t Hate

How to Get Podcast Sponsors That Your Audience Won’t Hate

The podcast is a great way to make money. There are several ways to monetize your show, and getting sponsorship is one of them. Podcast sponsors help you earn a good profit, expand your network, and build a long-term relationship with the brand. In this article, we have discussed the strategies about how you can get podcast sponsors and the benefits of getting them.

How can you Get Sponsors?

There is no specific merit of getting a sponsorship as it depends upon the brand you approach and the ad model they employ. Some ad models require you to have thousands of audiences. While others work even if you do not have a significant audience. Focus on the following factors to know if you can approach a brand for sponsorship:

  • How many downloads do you have per episode?
  • Have your audience built up their loyalty?
  • If your content carries enough value to engage the audience?

Finding Podcast Sponsors

Here are some ways to find podcast sponsors:

Approach Directly to Brands

Approaching directly to brands for the sponsors is one of the best ways if you do not want to involve a third party or become a part of the competition. This way, you can work at your own pace. One downside of this method is that you might have to put extra effort into approaching them.

Through a Podcast Network

This way works if a large audience is downloading your show. Your minimum downloads should be more than 5000.

The downside of this method is that you will have to share your profit with the network.

Make sure your sponsors is the right fit!

Strategies to getting Podcast Sponsors

Here are some of the strategies to getting podcast sponsors:

Ensure sponsors and Audience Harmonize

Companies tend to know your audience before sponsoring you so that they can know if your audience aligns with the brand. That is because they want people to convert into customers after listening to your show. When your ads address the needs of your audience, they will certainly invest their time in watching your show and approach the brand as well. This way, both parties can earn a profit.

Produce Engaging Content

Companies will undoubtedly want to invest in something that carries value and could engage the audience. So, creating content that can attract a large audience will help you win more sponsorships.

Gain Positive Reviews

When your content carries value, your audience tends to leave positive reviews on your show. Many brands will sponsor you by looking at your show’s reviews even if you do not have a large audience.

Brands might also keep an eye on you to notice your gradual growth. If you win more audience with time, you will win the brand’s trust.

Keep it Real

Many podcasters tend to raise their podcast download numbers. However, many companies do not just rely on numbers. Instead, they tend to investigate every aspect, from your show to your profiles on different platforms. So keeping it real will undoubtedly help you earn more sponsors.

Your Interest Matters A Lot

When you advertise a product through your show, you need to have a personal interest in the product you are advertising. You can add a story about your experience with their product; it will lead to a stronger relationship with the company. Additionally, when you take an interest in the product, the audience ted to build their interest. Which eventually leads to profit for you and the company which sponsored you.

Other Podcast Sponsors

Some sponsors tend to focus on your prior experience with other sponsors. So, a great relationship with current companies might win you more sponsors.

The profit you can Offer

Companies will only want to invest in your show if you have something to offer them. Following are some of the things they might demand from you:

  • Clickable promotion on your site and social media channels
  • Mentions in pre-roll, post-roll, and mid-roll
  • Mentions in show notes and newsletters
  • Prominent logo display
  • Package deals with other products
  • Your passion and personality in the sponsor reads/promotion

Benefits of Podcast Sponsors

There are following some of the benefits you can enjoy from the podcast sponsors:

Earn Money from Your Show

One of the most significant benefits of podcast sponsors is that they can make some money out of something you did just for fun. Many people go for a product they hear about in their podcast. So, brands tend to sponsor your show which is profitable for you and the sponsors.

Set Up Brand Awareness and Credibility

Sponsors affect your brand awareness so much. When a famous and stable brand sponsors you, that automatically enhances customer loyalty for the partnering company.

It might be hard to keep pace with the other more prominent names when your show is just at its preliminary stages. However, as soon as you succeed in getting a sponsorship from a big brand, you will build brand awareness.

Expand your Network

When you connect with brands and win their trust, your brand will get more exposure. That is because other brands tend to build their trust in you.

Develop your Platform

Once you engagingly advertise the sponsor’s brand, your audience will share it with their followers. This way, a big audience will be familiarized with your show and help you expand your platform.

Bottom Line

Sponsors are one of the excellent strategies to monetize your show. You should always look for sponsors that harmonize with your audience’s needs. Many websites can help you with finding the right sponsors. Lamar G Channel is one of them. Experts on our website help you with the best ideas to grow your business. Additionally, you can visit our website to listen to knowledgeable people through our podcasts. They will help you gain ideas for your show and enhance your creativity. Apart from that, you can also learn about several other topics like business, real estate, and trending topics. We have enough topics to entertain you in your spare time. 

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