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Email Marketing Examples to Engage Your Podcast Audience

Email Marketing Examples to Engage Your Podcast Audience

Podcasting is a popular and effective way to connect with your audience and build a community around your brand. However, one of the biggest challenges podcasters face is keeping their audience engaged and loyal over time. This is where email marketing comes in. By sending regular newsletters and email updates, you can keep your podcast audience in the loop, provide valuable content, and nurture relationships with your listeners.

In this blog post, we’ll share some real-world email marketing examples from successful podcasters. We’ll explore different types of emails and techniques that you can use to communicate with your audience, increase engagement, and build a stronger community around your podcast.

Welcome emails

When someone subscribes to your podcast, they’ll often have to provide their email address. This presents an excellent opportunity to send a welcome email that sets the tone for your future communication. In this email, you can introduce yourself, thank the listener for subscribing, and provide a brief summary of what they can expect from your podcast.

Here’s a great example from The Tim Ferriss Show

“Thank you for subscribing to The Tim Ferriss Show. I’m excited to have you on board. Each week, I interview world-class performers and experts across a range of fields, including business, sports, science, and art. These conversations are designed to help you improve your own performance and explore new ideas. We have some amazing guests lined up, and I can’t wait to share their insights with you.”

Newsletter updates

One of the most effective ways to build a loyal podcast audience is by sending regular newsletter updates. These can include highlights from recent episodes, exclusive behind-the-scenes content, and previews of upcoming episodes.

Pod Save America is an excellent example of a podcast with a highly engaged email list. The Pod Save America newsletter goes out every Friday and includes a recap of the week’s news, guest appearances, and fan mail. This consistent approach keeps their audience in the loop and fosters a sense of community around the podcast.

Exclusive content

If you want to create a sense of exclusivity around your podcast, consider offering bonus content exclusively to your email subscribers. This could be early access to episodes, bonus interviews, or even exclusive live events.

Here’s an example from the Freakonomics Radio podcast. They offer a free bonus episode to anyone who signs up for their email list. This episode is exclusive to subscribers and can’t be found on their regular podcast feed.

Survey and feedback emails

Your podcast wouldn’t be anything without the input of your listeners. One of the most effective ways to get feedback and improve your podcast is by sending regular surveys to your email list. This can help you understand what your audience likes and dislikes about your show, and give you ideas for improvement.

The podcasting platform ART19 did this by sending out an annual survey to its email list. The survey asked questions about podcasting habits and preferences, as well as about listeners’ reactions to ART19’s features and services. They used this feedback to improve user experience and tailor their services.

Social media engagement

While not technically an email, social media can be a powerful tool for engaging with your podcast audience. Consider sending out regular tweets or Facebook updates that encourage your listeners to engage with your brand. You can use hashtags, ask for feedback, or even run competitions to boost engagement.

One great example of this is from the Lovett or Leave It podcast. They encourage their listeners to engage with their brand by using the hashtag #LovettorLeaveIt on Twitter. This hashtag has become a go-to for fans of the show, and has helped to establish a strong online community around the podcast.


Email marketing is a powerful tool for building engagement and community around your podcast. By sending out regular newsletters, bonus content, and surveys, you can keep your listeners in the loop and create a sense of exclusivity around your brand. Meanwhile, social media offers an excellent opportunity to encourage engagement and build a community online. By following the examples in this blog post, you can grow your podcast audience and increase engagement with your listeners.

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