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How To Get Started With Your Podcast?

How To Get Started With Your Podcast?

The modern era offers us several ways to put our thoughts out to the world. Podcast, for instance, is one of the great and convenient ways to communicate with your audience. You can entertain people, educate them or advertise your products by setting up your outlet. They are getting admiration for providing a comfortable experience to the listeners. People can listen to them while driving or performing their household chores. According to research, 90% of people prefer listening to podcasts at home. 64% listen to them while on the road. The question that arises here is that how can you start your podcast. Here we have provided you with a complete and easy guide on how you can get started with your own podcast.

Select a Niche

It is impossible to attract people to your podcast if you do not select your particular category and subcategory. Having a particular niche help your audience determine why they want to consume your content. For instance, people who are looking to make a purchase will want to listen to the branded podcasts. So it is significant to know your audience and focus on attracting them first. You can broaden your niche as the podcast gain popularity among a big audience.

Here is how you can select a niche to launch your podcast:

  • Find your area of interest
  • Start with less competitive topics
  • Select a topic that you have a grip on

Name and Description of the Podcast

The name of your podcast must communicate your purpose at the first glance. You can choose whichever name you want to choose, however, the descriptive name is preferred by many people who have their podcasts. The appearance of your podcast in search results also depends upon the name you choose. So it must be relevant to the topic you want to talk about.

Conduct in-depth research on keywords that have a high search volume and low competition so that you can write an optimized description of the podcast.

Cover Art

Cover art is as important as anything else in the podcast. All professional websites like Apple podcast tend to feature podcasts that have proper-themed cover art. You can hire a professional or design it yourself. You can also inspect your competitor’s covers and get inspiration from there.

 The cover art you choose must communicate your message at the first glance. Plus it should demonstrate your identity so try to employ a consistent color theme. Typography also plays an important role in making your cover attractive. The art cover must also be according to the dimension required by a certain platform. For instance, Apple Podcast Artwork accepts the following art cover dimensions:

  • Must be a minimum 1400 x 1400 pixel resolution, recommended 3000 x 3000 pixels
  • Needs to be JPEG or PNG file
  • RGB color space & 72 dpi
  • Extra consideration: be mindful of Apple’s Dark Mode

You can create the best art cover using an amazing tool Essentials offered by Lamar G Channel.

Creating good content that your audience would gravitate too!

Get the Right Accessories

Since podcasts are all about audio content, it is important that you go for quality equipment. Now the question is what accessories do you need to launch your podcast. Well, it depends upon what kind of format you choose for your podcast, for instance, you may have to arrange advanced equipment if you are recording a webinar type of podcast. You will need simpler accessories if you opt for a storytelling program or solo podcast. The bottom line is that the smart idea will be to invest in high-quality tools. Here are some of the basic accessories that you will want to buy:

  • A soundproof Room
  • Laptop
  • Microphone
  • Headphones

Recording and Editing

When it comes to recording, practicing is the key to going well with the rest of the episode. You can create a rough draft of what you will want to talk about and how you will do it. Also, check if you have properly plugged in everything on your computer or laptop.

After recording, editing will help you make your podcast flawless. You can add intro and outro while editing. You can also remove the gaps of dead air while editing that you have created during recording.

Marketing Your Podcast

It is important to grow your podcast by adopting marketing tips. There are the following some things you can do to market your content:

  • Share snippets on social media
  • Connect with people with a high following
  • Invite guests
  • Share testimonials

Benefits of Launching a Podcast

There are following some of the advantages you can enjoy by launching a podcast:

They are Convenient

People are less likely to read longer content as it gets boring at some point. Podcasts, on the other hand, can communicate your longer messages without making your audience zone out. People can listen to podcasts anywhere, whether they are in the shower, driving on the road, or doing laundry. Podcasts allow your audience to remain engaged in the content for a longer time. According to research, 42% of the audience tends to listen to the complete podcast.

They Provide Customized Experience

The podcast is a great way to provide a personalized experience to your audience. When they listen to your podcast, they not only hear your words, but they are also able to comprehend your emotions at a deeper level, which provides them a customized experience.

Expands your Connections

You are more likely to expand your connections when you invite other people as a guest. Your guests might share your podcast link with their audience which will help you expand your network. Additionally, inviting other people and letting your audience listen to a topic from a different perspective will increase engagement and consequently traffic on your site.

You can also repurpose podcast content which will also help in increasing your network. You can share little clips of the podcast on your social media platforms with a full video link where people could get an easy approach to the podcast.

Final Thoughts

Launching your own podcast does not require a lot of effort. All you need is some equipment and a website. If you find it hard to create a website, we recommend Lamar G Marketing Tree, which provides trustworthy services regarding creating amazing websites for you.

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